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Murdered blogger Isma Olaxess: Museveni calls killers ‘pigs’

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni on Monday, 8 May 2023 condemned the murder of popular controversial blogger Isma Olaxess, born Ibrahim Tusuubira, over the weekend.

The President particularly condoled with the Bazzukulu people over this heinous crime.

In his statement, President Museveni branded the killers “pigs” and vowed to punish those who killed Isma Olaxess, also known as Jajja Iculi.

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“Ugandans, especially the Bazzukulu, condolences on the death of blogger Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Ichuli. I condemn and treat with contempt the killing of this Ugandan by some pigs. It is pigs that believe in using guns against unarmed opponents. NRM enjoys defeating unarmed opponents with counterarguments. Killing critics shows that your position is false and you cannot out-argue an opponent.

Why kill him if he is wrong and you are right? Killers are wrong thinkers. They take false positions. Anyway, I can assure Ugandans that this criminal will be tracked down and punished. Remember the Bijambiya in Masaka? Most of those alleged killers are in court today.

o you remember the Kiddawalime group? Most of them are either dead or in jail. Kiddawalime himself was among the dead. I have sent ‘mataaba’ to the family. The State House Comptroller will deliver it. My condolences to Isma’s family. We are with you and we will punish the killer,” President Museveni said in his statement.

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The controversial blogger was shot dead in his car.

According to The Monitor, Uganda, unidentified assailants on a motorbike shot Isma Olaxess at Kyanja in Kampala’s Kawempe Division around 9:20 pm last Saturday.

According to eyewitnesses, the late Olaxess was being driven home by his driver when the motorcyclists ambushed him and shot him dead in the car.

The media also reported that neighbours in the area where Olaxess was murdered handed over their private CCTV footage, and pictures of the killers might have been obtained.

The Monitor also reported that the late Olaxess was a controversial supporter of President Museveni’s National Resistance Movement and often used his social media to influence opinion on their behalf.

His support came after he withdrew his support for the opposition National Unity Party. Police said Olaxess was often combative, abrasive with his opinions, and often attracted enemies with his sentiments.

Investigations into his murder are ongoing.

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