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Actor Blessing Lung’aho sounds wedding bells with fiancé Jackie Matubia

Kenyan actor Blessing Lungaho, famously known as Madiba, has finally sounded the wedding bells.

In an interview with content creator Mungai Eve, the actor said he plans to wed his fiancee Jackie Matubia, also an actress, in a church wedding.

“I’ll ask Jackie about that. If it were up to me I would have had the wedding like yesterday but she is always busy. The moment she and I will get a time when we are both free, we will get into the nearest church and finalize the wedding ceremony,” he jokingly explained.

He also heaped praise on her, describing her as a one-of-a-kind woman whom he values and holds in high regard.

“She is an amazing woman whom you don’t find just anywhere and one thing about having a wedding is if you’re going to do it, it will only be once. So if you are going to do a wedding with someone as special and unique as Jackie, you don’t joke about it,” he said.

Madiba proposed to his actress girlfriend in April 2022 on his birthday in a colorful ceremony which was graced by their close friends and family. Speaking about his proposal to Jackie the actor said;

“It took me three months to plan the engagement. I did not just wake up and decide to propose to Jackie. So the wedding has to be grander than the proposal.”

Speaking about how he is able to balance his work and personal life, the actor said that he usually separates the two and only takes up the roles of acting while at work on the scene.

“I don’t bring my work to the house, and I don’t bring my home into the office. When I get into my house, that’s Blessing. When I get into the office, I play the role of the character I am. I try to compartmentalize,”

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