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Akothee brags about her achievements after one fan claims she’s jealous

By Freya Wanjiku November 14th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan singer cum entrepreneur Akothee has responded to a fan who said she was jealous with a lengthy rant on everything she has achieved in life.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers went on to give details of the paternity of all her children sired by different fathers.

“I have ever been married and delivered three children with an African man. I got another child with a white man. Akothee has delivered another child with a Swiss… linked up with a white diplomat gave birth to another child,” she said in a video.

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“I have travelled almost the whole world. I have wealth everywhere. I have money to pay my bills. I am a celebrity, the number one influencer. I have five businesses and running companies. I have educated my three children in the best schools and they did not get pregnant. So what can I be jealous of ? I can just be jealous of myself because I have made it,” she said, adding that she has everything figured out.

“At 40 I have a life. Everything is already sorted. The only ‘thing’ I did not have was a husband and now God has brought me one; energetic and young. Now when this fan said that I was jealous where would I be getting the jealousy from?”


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Ever since Akothee introduced her lover, Omosh, to the world, she has been criticized right, left and center with even one woman even accusing her of ‘stealing her husband.’

But Akothee responded to these claims by threatening to sue woman for defamation. During an interview on Milele FM, Akothee said that the woman would serve as an example to other ‘keyboard warriors.’

The woman’s claims prompted Akothee’s new lover to break his silence over the ‘affair’.

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