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Akothee files for divorce from ‘Omosh’

Controversial musician Akothee has confirmed that she has initiated divorce proceedings with her Mzungu husband, Denis Schweizer, widely recognized as ‘Omosh.’

Akothee shed light on her decision to end her marriage, which took place just two months after their glamorous wedding in April 2022.

Akothee, during a Live session with her social media fans, disclosed that she made the crucial choice to walk away from the relationship back in June.

The mother of five cited the turbulent nature of the months that followed as she grappled with her decision.

“I walked out of the relationship back in June,” she stated,

“I am going through a divorce right now. By the time I was addressing those things in my social media, I was so done with the relationship. June was difficult, and July was hard,” she added.

Akothee acknowledged that Denis Schweizer, known as ‘Omosh,’ was not the first man in her life.

She even challenged potential suitors to assess their readiness to handle a relationship with her.

“Some boys want to marry Akothee, do you have the courage to marry me? Can you control this empire, or do you want to be adopted in bed? I am still in the market, and we are patiently waiting,” she declared.

The singer also emphasized her resilience when it comes to relationships, asserting her readiness to cut ties when she recognizes falsehoods and unhealthy dynamics.

She noted her past experiences, which include leaving a billionaire and ending a marriage involving children.

“If I was able to leave a billionaire and also end a marriage with children involved, one I was even kicked out of, I will not hesitate to sever ties when I recognize falsehoods. I can cut you off without hesitation,” she affirmed.

Elaborating on the timing of her decision, Akothee clarified her tendency to walk away from a relationship while still in it.

She recounted her honeymoon experience, revealing that she had discovered certain aspects of the relationship that she couldn’t tolerate.

However, when Denis Schweizer questioned whether she would leave him, Akothee initially expressed her love for him but noted that she had already emotionally left the relationship by that point.

Akothee met Denis Schweizer and dated for slightly over six months before they decided to become husband and wife.

In various past media interviews, Akothee expressed her deep affection for Omosh, highlighting his distinctiveness from any other men she has dated or married in the past.

“I am acting differently because Omosh is unlike any of my previous relationships. He’s truly unique,” Akothee shared.

Akothee clarified that they first crossed paths in Switzerland through a mutual friend.

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