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Akothee left ranting after impostor defrauds unsuspecting fan Sh50k

Singer Akothee has lashed out at a woman who has been maligning her name to friends and family on allegations that she (Akothee) conned her money.

Akothee shared screenshots of a conversation that took place between the lady, who is an MD for a company, and someone else masquerading as her.

The conversation reveal details of how ‘Akothee’ asked for a loan of $501 to help a stranded person and she would repay the woman double as she is having money transfer issues.

‘Akothee’ even goes ahead to ask for the woman’s shoe size since the father of his two boys who lives in Europe was taking her shoe shopping.

The woman then later responds by telling her to be patient with a promise to send the money.

The conversation then becomes a monologue after ‘Akothee’ receives the money and the woman starts to asks for her money back.

But the Lotto hit maker has come out guns blazing while reprimanding her for falling victim to con artiste.

She even went ahead to clarify her name as Esther Akoth Kokeyo and not Esther Akoth Onyango as captured on the M-Pesa transaction message.

“Anyone claiming sending money to me or my Mpesa My name is Esther Akoth Kokeyo , you can as well go to Safaricom and print out your statements,” Akothee wrote.

She also warned her fans not to fall victims to con artistes purporting to be her since she would never ask anyone for a loan of Sh50,000.