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Wrong move: Ex-student leader blasted for her dollars rant at supermarket

Former student leader Irene Kendi was on Friday bullied out of a Facebook group ‘Buyer Beware’ after ranting about her efforts to make payments at a Kenyan supermarket in dollars.

Kendi had narrated how she was at a Kenyan supermarket with a foreigner, and after attempts to pay using their debit cards failed, they asked if they could be allowed to pay using dollars.

The cashier explained that it was impossible to pay using dollars and referred the customers to the branch manager who communicated the same.

“They said they don’t take dollars so I had to look for the manager who responded the same. In embarrassment, we returned everything and walked out. My question is, whose mistake it was? Customer’s ignorance of not knowing a dollar is not a transacting currency in such a big supermarket or the supermarket management policies?” Kendi wrote.


Kendi’s attempt to expose the supermarket on ‘Buyer Beware’ backfired as users commented that Kenyan money the only acceptable legal tender in the country.

“Why didn’t you rush to a nearby Exchange Bureau and get the Kenyan currency, come back, pay for your items and leave? Was it too much or you were trying to fault find? So, why didn’t you use your cards to withdraw cash at nearest ATM?” a user questioned.

“This is funny. You are funny. There a bank right outside the supermarket that might take you 15 minutes at most to withdraw your money in Kshs but no, it had to come to this. Of course it’s your fault for trying to blame other people for your very minute problems,” another wrote

“USD is not the legal currency of the Republic of Kenya so stop the stupidity and attention seeking. The attendants did not do anything wrong. It was her responsibility to look for an alternative to pay if the card option failed. Such a small issue and she made it turn to a mountain! Spare us please!” a user commented.

“If they accepted your dollars but gave change in Rwandese Francs, would you accept? Things work both ways,” another retorted.

“The trading currency in Kenya is Kenya Shillings. Its common decency to ask if other currency is acceptable before going ahead and “inconveniencing” business owners who will obviously lose some cash value in the exchange. Irene is at fault here!” a user stated.