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Akothee’s ‘simple’ death wish

Renowned musician Akothee has issued a statement shedding light on the loneliness experienced by celebrities, amidst the widespread tributes following the untimely demise of TikToker Brian Chira.

Though her TikTok, the mother of five expressed her dissatisfaction with the current trend of creating content and memorialising Chira.

Akothee emphasised the importance of reaching out to individuals in need while they are still alive.

“I don’t want people to post photos of me and eulogize me when I’m gone. Don’t fundraise for me after I’m dead. Tell me everything you want to say while I’m still alive. Why wait until I’m in a coffin? Don’t exploit my death for clout,” Akothee said.

Akothee delved into the challenges faced by celebrities, highlighting the misconception that fame equates to happiness and stability.

“Famous people are often lonely. Despite having millions of followers, it doesn’t mean we are loved. Our families and friends sometimes abandon us due to jealousy,” she revealed.

“Having millions of followers does not mean you are loved, they are just following to see when you will fall,” she said.

Regarding Chira’s passing, Akothee expressed sorrow and regret for not reaching out when she first saw his plea for help.

“Brian Chira’s death deeply saddens me. He appeared joyful in his videos, but his life was tragically cut short. When he asked for help, I hesitated due to past hurts. I prayed for his well-being, but I saw people who mocked him instead. Now, everyone acts as if they cared. Why do public figures become more famous in death?” Akothee questioned.

Chira met a tragic fate as he was involved in a fatal collision with a speeding vehicle during the early hours of Saturday, March 16.

According to police reports, Chira succumbed to injuries sustained after being hit by a speeding vehicle.

Brian Chira will be laid to rest on Tuesday, March 26.

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