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‘Gojias’ influencer Amira undergoes 4 corrective plastic surgeries after 45kg weight loss

Gorgeous influencer Amira underwent four plastic surgeries earlier this week following her 45 kilograms weight loss. The beauty and lifestyle influencer had been planning for months on undergoing reconstructive surgery following her weight loss and had even sought recommendations for doctors online before she finally met one.

In a series of Instagram stories, she shared photos and videos of herself in the surgical room and in recuperation, celebrating that she had finally undergone the surgeries she had planned for.

“Finally did it…Allhamdulilah my surgery was a success. Am very swollen and sore but am getting the best care and love. I will share my healing journey hopefully soon. I got a breast lift, thigh plasty, lipo and a tummy tuck. I know its aloooot,” said Amira while in recuperation and attached to surgical tubes.

Her surgeries reveals come two weeks after she celebrated her weight loss journey on International Women’s Day that was marked earlier this month, March 2024.

“So how do I start? You all know my journey from when I was over 130kgs almost 140kgs sometimes! That is a hard place to be because one, you are big! Two, you know you are big but 3 you don’t understand why stress is not helping to lose the weight in fact there is something called “stress eating”! Can you imagine how you are stressed and the answer to a big stressed me is to eat🤬🤯 and continue the never ending cycle of “Eat, Pray(become big), love (stressed because you are big then, eat) and repeat Eat, Pray, Love!

Fast forward whichever way, I am big and stressed or stressed and big… this is a crazy place to be! Anyone who has been here can relate, you relate right? It was always in my mind that one day all this weight will be gone and I will be healthy and be as I see myself in my head not in the mirror… and abracadabra it happened, I will spare you the details but it is all in the mind! I have lost a freaking 45kgs+ and I feel like I am on top of the world, not mostly because of weight loss but because I can do what I want if I want to do it which is the moral of the story! And with that ladies HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY QUEENS🎖️👑 and remember the moral of the story you can do what you want, if you want to do it! Period!!!!!” said Amira.

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