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Eve Nyaga: Unveiling the new host who stepped into Eve Mungai’s shoes

Director Trevor, formerly known for his collaborations with Mungai Eve, has embarked on a new journey with the rebranding of his platform to Kenya Online Media.

Alongside this transformation, Trevor has unveiled Eve Nyaga as the fresh face to lead his YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

Nyaga is a former host at Y254 TV and a passionate real estate enthusiast.

She has a notable following of 7k on Instagram.

Eve Nyaga is poised to deliver exclusive entertainment content to viewers, as described in Trevor’s introductory message.

“Introducing the newest face of Kenya Online Media, our vibrant host and brand image Eve Nyaga! Get ready to dive into the heart of entertainment as Eve brings you exclusive scoops and unravels the stories behind the headlines. Stay tuned for a journey filled with excitement, insight, and endless entertainment as she brings her passion and flair to the forefront!” Trevor announced.

Nyaga’s appointment has sparked interest due to her name’s resemblance to Trevor’s ex-girlfriend, Mungai Eve.

Nevertheless, she steps into the role with enthusiasm, taking over as the face of Trevor’s new channel, following his separation from Mungai Eve.

Director Trevor on February 19 announced major changes amid breakup reports with his longtime girlfriend Mungai Eve.

He made it known that he was rebranding the ‘Mungai Eve’ YouTube channel to ‘Kenya Online Media’ as Mungai’s services were no longer needed on the platform.

The channel had over 750K subscribers with over 2353 videos uploaded so far after being founded on January 2, 2020.

“Her services are no longer needed in the following platforms, YouTube 754K subscribers, Insta Fame 104K subscribers, and Facebook 874K followers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mungai Eve has ventured into her own channel, rapidly amassing over 100k followers within just five days of its launch.

In addition to introducing Eve Nyaga, Director Trevor has unveiled a new platform, a website hailed as the go-to destination for all things entertainment.

However, there’s silence regarding the status of Real Wangari, previously anticipated to replace Mungai Eve.

Wangari, who had collaborated closely with Trevor and Mungai since August 2023, had been expected to assume a significant role within Kenya Online Media.

In a previous interview, Wangari shared insights into her collaboration with Director Trevor, highlighting his recognition of her potential and his invitation to join forces.

“What you have for so long known as Mungai Eve Media has now got a new name to it, Kenya Online Media…under the stewardship of the one and only Director Trevor,” she said.

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