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Exclusive: Why Kambua stopped posting her husband on social media

Media personality and gospel singer Kambua Manundu has shared insights into her decision to refrain from posting her husband, Pastor Jackson Mathu, on her social media platforms.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the mother of three disclosed that her husband prefers maintaining a private life, a preference she deeply respects.

Additionally, she revealed her rationale behind not unveiling the faces of her two children online.

“My husband is not a public figure, and he values his privacy, which I completely understand and respect. As for my children, I believe it’s important for them to reach an age where they can decide whether they want to be on social media or not,” Kambua explained.

She continued, “I may share glimpses like their hair or legs, just so people know they exist.”

Kambua, who has experienced cyberbullying firsthand, emphasised the importance of setting boundaries and preserving certain aspects of her life from public scrutiny.

“Some things are meant to be kept private because the more you invite people into your space, the more entitled they become. If I were to share every aspect of my life, then I would be subjected to constant questioning,” she stated.

Regarding her children, Kambua acknowledged the potential consequences of exposing them on social media.

While she holds no judgment towards celebrities who choose to share their children online, she personally opts for a different approach.

“If I were to expose everything about my children, then I would be answerable to the public on very personal matters. I want to shield them from that. I want them to enjoy a normal upbringing, away from the noise of social media. However, I deeply respect those who choose to raise their children in the public eye because we all have different preferences,” Kambua added.