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Alfred Mutua: Kenya set to deploy 1,000 troops in Haiti

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Dr Alfred Mutua has affirmed Kenya’s decision to lead the peace mission in the troubled Caribbean state of Haiti, a move that has attracted debate in the country.

According to the CS, the country is awaiting a resolution from the United Nations that will give Kenya the go-ahead to lead a peacekeeping mission.

“We are currently working with other partners to get a United Nations mandate and resolution. We will thereafter hold meetings to garner support for the necessary deployment,” he said.

His statement comes a day after Kenyan Defence Minister Aden Duale signed a defense agreement with the US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin.

He stated that about ten other nations have so far indicated their willingness to end their troops to Haiti or finance the mission.

“We expect that within a few months, say three or four months from now, we will be in Haiti helping our brothers and sisters. The latest will be January, and we will be able to send our fort troops of 1,000 to Haiti to help in peace mission and rebuilding their country.”

Also, if the UN approves Kenya’s mission, the Haiti military will be trained and equipped to help deal with the gangsters, who the CS said are against the peace mission.

“One of the problems that we have in Haiti, is that there are some political players, some thugs who do not want peace and stability in Haiti. They are making a lot of money from the thugs, from the gangs controlling Haiti. There are people who are enriching themselves from the violence in Haiti.”

Also, the CS stated that the country did not just rush to the decision of sending its troops to Haiti and that the decision was based on the report from the assessment team that the county sent to carry out an investigation on the ground.

Further, the CS stated that the Haiti people are behind the move taken by the country and that they have received messages of goodwill since they made their decision to lead the mission.

In his address, the CS stated that Kenya has been in the headlines before for taking part in peace stability in different countries in the continent, including South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Some of the achievements that the CS highlighted to have been reached by his ministry for the last year include leading negotiations with other countries for job opportunities for Kenyans.

“The Ministry facilitated the provision of Mobile Consular Services (MCS) over 5,933 Kenyans in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, and Brazil were served.”

Dr Mutua said that going forward, his ministry will be briefing the media on the achievements and developing issues, which will be after every two weeks.

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