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Amnesty International denounces Ruth Kamande’s ‘inhumane’ sentence

Amnesty International executive director Irungu Houghton has condemned the death sentence handed to Ms Ruth Kamande by High Court on Thursday.

Mr Irungu argued termed the sentence as an ‘inhumane and outdated form of punishment’.

“This sentence is a blow to Kenya’s progressive record in commuting death sentences to terms of imprisonment,” said Mr Irungu

He added: “There isn’t any credible evidence that the death penalty deters crime any better than other lawful punishments. This death sentence must be commuted immediately and Ruth Kamande rehabilitated.”

Ms Kamande was found guilty of killing her boyfriend by stabbing him 22 times in 2015.

Justice Jessie Leesit said the sentence was to serve as a warning to the youth to know that it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend because of frustration.


The judge also said that Ms Kamande had shown no remorse and killed with a purpose of inflicting pain.

Kenyans on Twitter have also shared varied reactions to the sentence. Some agreed that it was harsh while others supported the sentence.

“All those sympathizing with Ruth Kamande argue she is beautiful. Looord which holes do you guys live in? Kuna watu wameumbwa wakaumbika fungueni macho ama mutravel kidogo mujione,” tweeted SandraMakele.

“Stabbing someone 25 times? Deserves NO mercy at all dear. If anything, Ruth Kamande should be hanged painfully,” said AderaJacob.

“Ruth Kamande did stab her bf 22 times. Is it fair for her to be sentenced to death? I’m at crossroads,” wrote AtebeBilly.


“What if Farid Stabbed Ruth Kamande 22 Times? Would y’all say that the judgement was unfair? I think not,” commented DjRigz.

“This lady Ruth Kamande deserves second a chance, I understand she had reformed. “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone on her,” said EvyonK.

“I disagree with @AmnestyKenya on this. The incident was deliberate going by the number of times the victim was stabbed. Ruth Kamande deserves such a sentence which should be executed immediately the 14 days for appeal lapses,” said Adera.