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‘Angela’ was made by mistake, Boutross on surprise success of hit song

Rapper Boutross Munene, widely recognized for his chart-topping song ‘Angela,’ recently shared insights about the unexpected success of the track that became a global sensation.

Speaking on the VIP Access podcast, Boutross delved into the surprising journey of ‘Angela’ and the unexpected creation that changed his life.

The singer admitted that he initially believed ‘Angela’ had the potential to be a hit but had no inkling it would become a massive sensation.

He reminisced: “I actually thought it was gonna be a hit but not a mega hit. 4 billion views and it was all over. I didn’t know someone could go to places like mashinani (villages) and someone just knows you, even old people who have seen their grandchildren watching your song. And TikTok was crazy.”

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Boutross went on to share the origin of the song, stating that ‘Angela’ was an unintended creation, even describing it as a “mistake.”

Contrary to what many believed, he clarified that there was no real person named Angela who inspired the song.

He had a friend named Angela but had never hit on a girl by that name.

“Angela was supposed to be used as a phrase to give men preference,” he explained.

“Every man has their own preferences, so when they say, ‘that’s my Angela,’ it means that’s my girl.”

The rapper continued, revealing that the song’s creation itself was unplanned.

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Originally, he says there was another track intended for recording, but due to time constraints, they decided to record something else to pass the time quickly.

Little did they know that this impromptu recording would become the biggest song of their careers and life-changing.

“The song was made by mistake and actually, it wasn’t supposed to be recorded there was another song that was supposed to be recorded, but we ran out of time so we decided to just record something to pass the time. It then turned out it was the biggest song that would change our lives.”
 The song Angela (baddie) became an anthem among the youth since its release this January 2023.