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Another wedding date! Akothee shames online critics!

Celebrated singer Akothee is known for her unapologetic approach to life and love, and she’s leaving no room for doubt in the midst of online criticism and rumors surrounding her relationship with Denis Eduard Schweizer, her husband.

Akothee has not only defended her love life but has also offered a glimpse of what the future holds.

In a bold move, Akothee shared her husband’s identity card to set the record straight on his Swiss heritage and identity.

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She addressed the rumours head-on, asserting:

“Denis Eduard Schweizer was born and raised in Switzerland, Bern, in 1988.”

She stated that Denis’s mother and family live in Switzerland and that she had met all his family members.

To protect Denis from online scrutiny, Akothee said she initially introduced him as “Mr Omosh,” but recent developments led to the deletion of his social media accounts.

In response, Akothee drew a clear boundary around her private life, declaring:

“My marriage is offline and will never appear anywhere, not in interviews nor mentions.”

She further cautioned those with intrusive questions:

“If I walk into your offices, Don’t ask about my husband, my marriage Nelly Oaks, and the rest. Ask about work. I will answer nothing.” She firmly said.

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Akothee’s recent statements also hinted at her plans for another wedding.

Mambo ya Omosh na Pakistan tumemalizana (The issue of Omosh and Pakistan is settled),” and addressed her online critics.

Bullies, tucheze kama sisi block moja saaafi (Bullies, we can play on an equal footing. One clean block).”

Akothee also revealed that she had stopped wearing her wedding ring, signaling a new chapter.

For Akothee, it seems the focus is on the future as she declared:

“For those who were copying my love life, I apologize. Move forward. As for those with rings, I removed that a long time ago, and you can’t beat me. Now you have more problems than I do; pick a struggle. On to the next, 31st December at Senye Beach.”

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