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All about Akothee’s turbulent life as a teen mother

Singer Akothee has shed light on her early life, first marriage, and the obstacles she overcame in a recent interview.

In an exclusive conversation with TV 47, the mother of five shared intimate details about her past, including her challenging first marriage and the struggles she faced.

Akothee revealed that she fled from her home to escape clashes with her strict and disciplinarian mother, a decision that would ultimately shape her life’s journey.

She recounted the difficulties she encountered while trying to balance her responsibilities as a mother and her pursuit of higher education.

The artist candidly disclosed that it took her an astounding 13 years to complete her university degree due to her constant travels and efforts to balance family life.

However, it was her reflections on her early life that captivated the audience.

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Akothee took a trip down memory lane, revealing that she became pregnant at the tender age of 14 and gave birth to her second child after her mother made efforts to send her back to school.

“By the time I was 20, I had four kids. I was living with the parents of my ex-husband. So, I was serving more like a house girl as my ex-husband was being educated,” she explained.

In a past interview, she opened up about losing her son, with her ex-husband.

“My first child came when I was still very young… I had two more children by the time I was 16. Unfortunately, the second child contracted pneumonia and died because I could not afford to take him to the hospital.”

Akothee’s mother was determined to see her daughter receive an education, and she rented a house for her to live in while leaving her children in the care of a housemaid so that she could attend school.

However, the artist’s ex-husband’s visit proved to be a turning point.

“Then, my ex-husband came to visit me. He had brought me a stove, and he made me pregnant again, so I had to drop out of school again.”

Akothee’s mother did not give up on her daughter’s education.

She once again encouraged Akothee to return to school, but this time, she ensured that family planning was part of the plan.

“She took me back to school again, together with my ex-husband, and this time around, she made sure she took me to family planning, so I managed to clear my Form Four in 2004,” Akothee said.

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