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How Crazy Kennar’s encounter with Trevor Noah changed his content

Comedian Crazy Kennar has opened up about his recent encounter with Trevor Noah, the celebrated former host of America’s ‘The Daily Show,’ during Noah’s inaugural tour of South Africa.

Kennar, speaking at the Pulse Awards event on Saturday, October 7, shared his excitement and revealed the inspiration he gained from the meeting.

Describing the meeting with Trevor Noah as a moment of awe, Kennar exclaimed:

“Trevor Noah is great, and I remember, he knew he was coming to meet me. It was an amazing experience, and I got inspired. I got an amazing inspiration, and fans should expect that content. People will enjoy.”

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The comedian, who is known for his witty humor and comedic talent, did not divulge further details about the encounter but hinted at exciting content that he has been inspired to create following the meeting with the comedy icon.

During the interview, Kennar also touched upon the topic of hiring new cast members for his comedy ventures, weeks after a highly publicized fallout with his former crew members.

“It is great to see them doing well. I am not only bringing new talents but also giving people opportunities to share their work with Kenyans. You can’t shine alone,” he stated.

However, Kennar chose not to delve into the details of the fallout, suggesting that the full story remains untold for now.

“Story for another day. I prefer not to speak about that story.”

Crazy Kennar and his former crew parted ways in July, marking a significant change in the comedy landscape they had collectively built.

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The comedy house was initially established with a team of six members, including Crazy Kennar, Bhushra Sakshi, Wanjiru Africas, Yvonne Khisa, Stanely Omondi, and Cartoon Comedian.

Kennar concluded the interview on a positive note, emphasizing the shared goal of entertainers to bring laughter and joy to their audiences.

“We are all entertainers, and as long as we make people laugh, it is all that matters,” he affirmed, adding that he does not feel pressured to produce content and is committed to continuing his journey as a beloved comedian.

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