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Singer Akothee alarmed as ‘huge’ sum vanishes from bank account

Celebrated Kenyan singer and entrepreneur, Akothee, has raised alarm over a substantial sum of money mysteriously disappearing from her bank account.

The artist took to her Instagram account to share her concerns, sparking a wave of concern among her followers.

Akothee disclosed that an unidentified individual gained unauthorised access to her bank account and withdrew a significant amount of cash through an ATM.

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The mother of five expressed astonishment at how such a substantial withdrawal could occur without her or the bank noticing.

“Because I am handling two cases with a highly reputable bank that has been handling my money for years. I am one of those clients who don’t even read my bank statements. Stupidity made me think they are professionals until my account was compromised, there is a case pending since February 2022 that they have not been able to sort and have refused to take responsibility, they keep managing me with long stories…” she said.

This disconcerting incident is not the first time Akothee has found herself embroiled in a financial quandary with the same bank.

Earlier in 2023, her account was compromised, leaving her deeply troubled.

In her Facebook post, the 43-year-old singer detailed the latest incident, which occurred on September 12, during which a considerable sum of money left her account via an ATM transaction.

She emphasised her own limited ATM usage, never withdrawing more than KSh 30,000. For larger amounts, she always contacts the bank to extend her withdrawal limit.

Akothee expressed her frustration, exclaiming:

“They have been taking me rounds and managing me,” in reference to her bank’s handling of the matter.

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She went on to issue a stern warning, threatening to take drastic measures, including causing a commotion at the undisclosed financial institution, to recover her missing funds.

“They will feel my presence in their headquarters on Monday. Relationship ya pesa sina,” she declared.

“I will be going there with my team to collect my money, kama ni vita basi iwepo. I have no sponsor sending me money; I work for my money. For now, let me go have fun. I worked a lot during the week. I want my money back in my account by Monday (sic),” she firmly said.

A social media user named Francis Njenga openly suggested that Akothee’s husband ‘Omosh’, a popular figure, could be connected to the mysterious disappearance of Akothee’s funds.

Akothee swiftly responded, dismissing the insinuation. She said, “Don’t be this stupid. He is not your source of brokenness; not every post is for losers to type.”

Akothee further rebutted another social media user, Pauline Kendi, who questioned her knowledge of banking procedures.

In response, Akothee queried, “Have you ever been inside a bank yourself? Ama umefika tu kwa mpesa agent?”

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