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Atheists now want Kenyan churches to pay taxes for tithes received

Atheists in Kenya have demanded that churches in the country begin paying taxes and their status as non-profit bodies be reviewed.

The Atheists in Kenya Society has written to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Commissioner General John Njiraini demanding that churches should not be exempted from taxation.

The society’s leader Harrison Mumia argued in the letter also sent to newsrooms that churches have been unfairly favoured by being exempted from taxation yet they receive large sums of money in donations and offerings.


“Where does the money from donations to churches go? Kenyan taxpayers are constantly complaining about the high rate of taxation for Kenyan citizens. We see no valid reason why churches should be tax exempt,” read the statement in part.

The atheists argue that the categorization of churches as non-profit organisations is denying the country services and revenue unjustifiably.

“This is money which could be used to build social amenities vital to the public. Unfortunately, all these things are expensive and difficult for the average tax payer to support. In this time of fiscal restraint in this country, when nurses, doctors and civil servants are going on strike, we are asking the KRA to take away the tax exempt status of the church,” the letter stated.

Attorney General Githu Muigai had in April bowed to pressure from religious leaders and ordered for the immediate suspension of the registration of Atheists in Kenya Society.

The Attorney General said the legality of the registration of the Atheist Society will be determined by the Supreme Court.