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Ayo Mesesi: I’m fine with age difference between me and my partner Judy Lesta

By Sinda Matiko February 18th, 2023 1 min read

Music producer Ayo Mesesi, who is 31 years old, says he was inspired to go public with his relationship to 46-year-old Judy Lesta by gospel artiste Guardian Angel.

Mesesi who christens himself as Kevin Bahati’s official music producer, recently caused a buzz on social media when he made public his relationship.

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He maintains he was tired of hiding his relationship and was emboldened by Guardian Angel, 33, who is married to 52-year-old Esther Musila.


“She is a mother of three and I have interacted with her children. I know people will talk because of our age difference but I am over that. She is an amazing woman. When you find someone who brings you peace and is always there for you, it’s something you can’t let go of. You can find love anywhere,” Mesesi says.

The producer also maintains that he wanted to control his story before word got out there.

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“Those around us knew of our relationship. I remember DK Kwenye Beat telling me that I am in love and that it’s good if I go public with my story before bloggers sniff it. Then I thought of Guardian Angel who is also walking the same journey as mine and I felt why not?” he said.

The two are already engaged with the blessing of both their parents. Lesta is also an up-and-coming musician.

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