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Fame has denied me many things in life, ‘Maria’ actress Dorea Chege says

By Sinda Matiko February 18th, 2023 1 min read

Actress Dorea Chege shares the same sentiments as basketball star LeBron James who recently opened up about his struggle with fame.

James, who recently made history by becoming NBA’s all-time leading point scorer, spoke about how fame isn’t always great as it seems. He stated that he wished he could do normal things like everybody else, but he can’t and that pains him.

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Kenyan actress Dorea Chege feels the same. Dorea, who starred as Maggie on the Swahili Telenovela, Maria, says sometimes fame forces her to lead a life that she is not comfortable with.

Speaking to Saturday Magazine, Dorea said she hasn’t taken a matatu in about a decade now, one of the normal things she dearly misses.

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“I can’t genuinely borrow money from someone for fear of being ‘exposed’ yet the truth is I also get broke. I can’t go to certain places because people will judge me,” she cites other scenarios.

Whereas the NBA star has made peace with the fact that he isn’t going to be viewed as a regular citizen, Dorea says she is still adapting to accepting her reality.

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