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Bahati’s heartwarming message to his adopted son, Morgan, 10 years on

Kenyan musician Bahati shared the profound journey of parenthood with his adopted son, Morgan.

Bahati shared the story of their relationship, from the first day they met to the present moment through on his social media pages.

Bahati met Morgan back in 2013 at his album launch at NPC Valley Road when the boy was only two years old.

While celebrating Morgan’s growth and maturity, Bahati shared photos capturing key moments since the first day they met.

He recounted the emotions of that day, vividly remembering the tears shed and the immediate bond that formed between them.

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In a message to his adopted son, Bahati spoke about the pain he felt when he had to part with little Morgan, returning him to the orphanage after their initial meeting.

“It was so difficult for me seeing the 2-year-old you forced to enter the bus heading back to the orphanage; I saw your pain and I saw myself through you,” Bahati wrote.

The singer also spoke about his own struggles, including the instances when his past relationships faltered because some partners were unwilling to raise a child who wasn’t biologically theirs.

He spoke about how he persevered, recalling times when he had to play the role of house help, cooking, cleaning and caring for little Morgan single-handedly.

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“Something I’ve never  shared with anyone is that even some women left me because they were not ready to raise a child that’s not theirs,” he said.

Bahati also apologized to his son for the trials that may have emerged as a result of their public presence.

He expressed regret for any malicious claims that have circulated, notably the rumours regarding Morgan’s parentage.

“I don’t want to say much but I wanna take this opportunity to say I’m sorry for the online trolls; it’s all my fault,” Bahati stated.

Bahati concluded his message with a reaffirmation of his love for Morgan and a recognition of his special place in the musician’s family.

“You’re the best gift I ever gotten – You’re my first born and without you, our family is incomplete!” Bahati said.

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