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Battered woman claims MP Otuoma inflicted injury on her

A woman claiming to be Funyula MP Paul Otuoma’s wife who lives in Kakamega has taken to social media to accuse the MP of domestic violence.

Rozyame Muks, as her Facebook username reads, says she has been married to the MP for the last four years and have two children together.

The woman posted a photo of her swollen face attributing it to a beating given to her by the MP on Christmas Day Eve.


She did not however explain the circumstances under which she was beaten.

A screen shot of the post that was shared early Christmas morning went viral online with users calling out the MP for domestic violence.

Otuoma lost his first born son sired in his marriage to his first wife who lives in Karen, Nairobi.

Details of the woman who shared the post online however remain unclear as all calls and text messages to the Funyula lawmaker went unanswered.