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Betty Kyallo: Why I wore baggy clothes when I started anchoring news

Media personality Betty Kyallo has shared her experience of being dressed in oversized clothing while anchoring news on KTN.

In an interview on The Wicked Edition show with host Dr King’ori, Betty revealed she began her career as a news anchor at the young age of 22.

She expressed her concerns about being taken seriously by older viewers, including professors.

“To be taken seriously in such a role, I had to wear larger blouses. The intention was to create the illusion of age and maturity. Additionally, I had a scar near my neck that I needed to conceal,” Betty said.

In a past interview with Churchill,  Betty said that when she was a 17 year old, she got into a nasty accident that scarred her for life.

“When I was 17 and in form three I had a dental appointment and a date later, so I showered and off I went.

Kufika railways as I was crossing the road towards Afya Centre I was hit by a matatu.

It dragged me under it, my blouse got hooked so I was dragged for a few inches.

I could see the matatu inches away from crushing my face. It was a near death experience and it changed me.”

Betty says the accident was a major one.

“My lungs were crushed, four of my ribs were broken my face was half scarped off, I broke my back and up to date I still have back issues. After being removed under the Matatu, I could hear women scream, they were so emotional after seeing my state. I was what if my mum sees me, what would she say if she saw me?.

She underwent seven to eight surgeries to address her injuries.

Betty’s visible scars initially posed a challenge to her dream of becoming a journalist, but over time, most of them have become less visible, except for the one on her neck.

“That scar serves as a reminder to me that God loves me,” Betty reflected.

Betty is currently promoting the second season of their reality show Kyallo Kulture featuring her two sisters, Mercy and Gloria on Showmax.

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