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Mike Sonko’s wife Primrose Mbuvi shares emotional journey of raising adopted sons

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s wife, Primrose Mbuvi, opened up about her heartfelt experience with her adopted son, Satrin Osinya, during an interview with Vlogger Eve Mungai.

Primrose, who has not been blessed with a biological son, expressed her deep connection with Satrin and her joy in being his mother.

Satrin and his brother Gift were adopted by Mike Sonko in 2014 following a tragic incident.

The boys had lost their mother in January of that year during an attack on a church in Likoni by suspected Al-Shabaab militants.

Satrin, in particular, miraculously survived a bullet lodged in his head and underwent a delicate operation that led to a remarkable recovery.

It was after this ordeal that Sonko decided to adopt Satrin and Gift.

During the interview, Primrose shared her role as a mother figure to many, including Satrin, who is about to celebrate his 11th birthday.

She reflected on the unique experience of raising boys after primarily raising girls.

Primrose expressed gratitude for the opportunity to care for Satrin and Gift, describing them as the best.

Being a mother to Satrin and Gift has taught Primrose invaluable lessons in raising boys.

Last year, Satrin underwent the initiation process, further reinforcing his growth and journey into adolescence.

Primrose praised the boys for their exceptional politeness and respect towards her, emphasizing their loving nature and the strong bond they share.

“I am a mum to many, and I am a grandma as well. Satrin is now turning 11 years, and it has been a great and wonderful experience. It has also been a different experience since I have only raised girls,” Primrose shared during the interview.

“For Satrin and Gift, they have been the best. As a mum, I was unlucky not to have a baby boy, but God blessed me with Gift and Satrin, and they have taught me how to bring up boys. They are very loving, even more than my own children. I will always be there for them. I love them so much.”

The 11-year-old Satrin, whose passion lies in football, expressed his deep affection for Primrose and his other siblings.

Satrin aspires to become a footballer and hopes to use his talent to help those in need, his family, and those who are sick.

“We play together and we love each other. We will always be there each other. I want to become a footballer. I will the needy and my parent and the sick ones.”

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