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BIDCO Revamps Noodies Look

Noodies, a locally manufactured noodles brand from BIDCO Africa made from plant-based ingredients, has relaunched into the market with a new improved look and taste with the aim of meeting the new needs of consumers.

Noodies becomes the first brand in Kenya to offer a Kiddy range whose packing has been designed keeping the fun elements that children can own and connect with.

The colour differentiation and cartoons with product characters on the pack will now make it easy for the younger consumers to depict the different flavours briefly.

Furthermore, the Noodle Doodle cartoon, a character personification of the Noodies brand, stands out, attracts, and appeals to children who relate with brands that speak to them.

Speaking at BIDCO Industrial Park in Ruiru, BIDCO Africa’s Chief Value Stream Leader Tushar Mehta described Noodies as a brand developed to be consumed in every home, considered one of the quick go-to meals that are easy and convenient to prepare.

“The new vibrant look and enhanced taste are bound to appeal to our customers; we have also extended the product to offer a new Kiddy pack that will excite the market and will give our young consumers the power to choose a noodles pack that is specially designed for them. We are excited to share this new experience among all customers,’’ narrated Mehta.

Noodies has a one-year shelf life offering a balanced nutritional value rich in proteins, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, vitamin A, Iron and Zinc. Noodies also has thinner strands to enable better seasoning penetration thus enhancing taste. The fast-moving pace of contemporary times has seen more consumers switching to products that offer quick solutions with a healthy convenience to fit their daily lifestyles.

KEBS and Halal certified, Noodies has undergone a rigorous production, quality assessment and verification process making it one of a kind in the region. BIDCO’s Quality Assurance Chemist Valentine Chebet explained that Noodies is made from fortified wheat flour and refined vegetable oil sourced from local Kenyan farmers.
“We then pre-cook this in an elaborate manufacturing process leaving the consumer with just 3 minutes of easy preparation for a healthy, nutritious, tasty and filling meal,” explained Chebet.

First launched in 2017 as BIDCO’s flagship brand under Food and Beverages category, the new look Noodies will help change the market perception of considering noodles as a snack to a healthy and filling meal not only in Kenya but also in the neighbouring export markets.

Noodies is now available in two new product packs in addition to the existing 120 grams single pack. As such, local retail outlets are now selling 70 grams single Noodies pack and a 5-in-1 value pack available in both 70 grams and 120 grams.