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Broke, homeless Ghanaian Nollywood actor pleads for medical assistance

Ailing Ghanaian actor Pslam Adjetefio has made a passionate appeal to well wishers, saying he is unable to raise funds for his medical treatment.

The actor, who is known for his roles in Nollywood movies, also revealed in a radio interview that he is broke and homeless.

This situation has forced Adjetefio, who has thrilled millions with his unparalleled acting talent, to seek for financial assistance.

The veteran actor, whose contribution in movies such as Taxi Driver entertained his continental audience in his heyday, recently revealed in a radio interview he had a heart enlargement which has led to swelling of his feet.


He also needs to undergo surgery to correct some shifted organs and he is now pleading for help from well wishers.

But that’s not the only challenge he is facing. Adjetefio also revealed that he is unable to pay rent and has nothing to eat.

“In Ghana, the money we make from acting is so small we cannot fend for ourselves and do other things,” he said.

African actors have in recent times struggled to make ends meet despite boasting a huge audience and following of fans.