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Bus company apologises after ‘abandoning’ minor at night on roadside

The proprietors of Dreamline Express Limited have apologized and compensated a Mombasa client whose 14 year-old sister was ‘abandoned’ by the road side at night by its crew.

According to the complainant, Swabrina Jamal – whose younger sister was abandoned on Wednesday night by the crew after failing to produce a ticket –  the bus company sought for a meeting after her complaint went viral on Facebook.

At the meeting, she was refunded the Sh1, 200 fare because her sister did not travel with the company’s bus after the ordeal.


The minor was also offered free travel for four years until she turns 18.

“Yesterday at night I received a call from Dreamline company, the owners requested to meet with me today for apology. I went to their office and everything was settled, they admitted their mistake and promised it will never happen again, they are really sorry that all that happened without their knowledge,” wrote Ms Jamal.

The woman, a Mombasa resident, blamed the company’s staff in Nairobi and Mombasa for the incident.

“Those who were responsible in Nairobi office and the staff in Mombasa office who ignored me and spoke to me rudely were fired last night,  pia our PR delvan who was ready to swear he’s fired,” stated Ms Jamal.


“They have refund (sic) my cash and offered my sister free ticket for four yrs (4yrs) till my sister is 18yrs old to wherever we want to travel to Kampala Malindi Kilifi Nairobi and their sincere apology even to everybody due to their staffs mistake,” wrote Ms Jamal.

Nairobi News sought verification from the company on the apology. A member of its customer service team confirmed that the matter was resolved, but could not comment further on the alleged firing of staff.