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Meet Catholic Priest who spreads gospel through rap music – VIDEO

A video of a rapping Catholic Priest has gone viral online with users lauding his ability to reach out to the youth in style.

The priest, fully clad in a robe and the clerical detachable collar takes on the microphone urging youths to come to church.

As if to look the part, the priest spots a bandana on his head and moves to his rap beat with swag.

The Priest in the rap introductions says his name is Paul.

In his lyrics, the priest urges youths to work hard.

“Vijana come church, Yesu the Messiah tena ndiye sonko, miujiza amedo Bethania Galilea watu wengi amefeed kwa mkate na samaki,” goes part of his lyrics.

Congregants clap along to the beat as the priest raps on.

The video that was shared by a user on Group Kenya has so far been shared by over 290 other users.