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Chaos as MCA’s fight to stop Kidero impeachment debate – PHOTOS

Chaotic scenes on Tuesday marked a second attempt to initiate moves to impeach Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero.

MCAs scuffled and hustled as Viwandani MCA Samuel Nyangwara finally tabled the motion which will be debated next week on Tuesday.

Despite threats by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission EACC to punish MCAs who misbehave, drama unfolded immediately Speaker Alex ole Magelo gave a directive to the serjeant-at-arms to throw out any member who heckles Mr Nyangwara.


The EACC has already summoned Mr Magelo and the Assembly Clerk Jacob Ngwele to appear on Thursday and Friday in an investigation on chaos that took place during the first attempt to table the motion.

A scuffle at the Nairobi County Assembly on October 4, 2016. PHOTO | DENNIS ONSONGO
A scuffle at the Nairobi County Assembly on October 4, 2016. PHOTO | DENNIS ONSONGO

EACC deputy CEO Michael Mubea, has in the letter, asked the clerk to provide CCTV footage of the incident to investigators Derrick Kaisha and Jackson Agai.

The Speaker will be expected to shed light on the matter on Friday despite having not been on the chair on that day. Deputy Speaker Ken Ngondi had presided.

“The commission is undertaking investigations on unethical conduct of the members of the county assembly,” read the letter from the EACC.

On Tuesday, drama unfolded as Jubilee MCAs opposed to Mr Kidero held their meeting at City Hall demanding that all members should support the motion while those from CORD met at Bowling Green at City Park. Details of the meeting were undisclosed.

Rival groups of youth gathered at City Hall before the motion was tabled in the afternoon but security was tight at the venue.


The rowdy Cord legislators who had masking tapes on their mouths at first pretended not keen on participating in the assembly until the Speaker ordered their colleague, Eastleigh South MCA Nelson Masiga, out of the chamber for 30 days for gross misconduct.


Masiga had shouted at the Speaker terming his ruling barring the MCAs from heckling Mr Nyangwara as tough.

Mr Masiga refused to leave the chambers, sparking a confrontation between the Cord members and the serjeant-at-arms, paralysing House business for over an hour.

“We have a stranger in the house and we will not continue with the meeting even if it will last to midnight, we will wait,” Mr Magelo said.


As the over ten serjeants-at-arms struggled to throw out Mr Masiga who had the backing of his fellow MCAs, the Gatina MCA Mike Obonyo was busy grabbing the mace in order to bring the house business to a close.

After the MCA walked out Mr Nyangwara stepped up to the microphone to give the notice of motion, only the paper he was reading to be grabbed by Korogocho MCA Maxwell Ochar.

But Nominated MCA Leah Mumo in turn grabbed it from him and hid it under her blouse as a group of MCAs set upon Mr Nyangwara.

When order was finally restored, a group of Jubilee MCAs and serjeants-at-arms formed a ring around Mr Nyangwara, allowing him to read the motion.

Mr Ngaruiya Chege, the deputy minority leader later told journalists that four Jubilee MCAs had sworn affidavits to the effect that they had been bribed with Sh50,000 to withdraw their signatures from supporting the motion.

Mr Ngaruiya said that the Assembly will push for the dissolution of Senate which has been reinstating impeached governors.