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Charlene Ruto: Critics target my forehead and dress code

Charlene Ruto, the third-born daughter of President William Ruto, has spoken about the challenges she faced while growing up in a political family.

In an interview with Citizen TV on March 9, Charlene shed light on the difficulties she faced navigating public scrutiny and maintaining her identity amidst heightened attention.

Reflecting on her early experiences in the public eye, Charlene revealed facing backlash and negativity from strangers, particularly through fake social media accounts impersonating her.

Determined to reclaim control over her narrative, she immersed herself in community activities, such as tree planting, to assert her presence beyond political affiliations.

“I wanted to learn and see how people are living and how they are doing,” Charlene said.

However, with increased visibility came unwarranted criticism, particularly regarding her appearance and personal choices.

Charlene also shared her experience with cyberbullying.

“Yes, I have a big forehead and I like it. I don’t hide it since God blessed me with it,” she affirmed

Charlene admitted to selectively engaging with online comments, recognising the importance of safeguarding her mental well-being amidst digital scrutiny.

“It came with a lot of online scrutiny and pressure about my dressing, how I do my makeup about my hair. I was cyberbullied and that is how I decided that it is one of the 30 things that I want to focus on.”

She acknowledged that being a Ruto presented unique challenges, which she overcame with the help of her siblings and her strong faith.

She described her father as a supportive figure who values family and acknowledges his children’s aspirations.

She also commended her father for his dedication to the nation and recalled his hands-off approach to her career choices.

“My father is a great man. When we were growing up, he gave us the leeway to be who we wanted to become. He didn’t pressure us on what courses he wanted us to take. He would only give us guidance and so for me, I loved communications. He is a mentor and very passionate about this country,” she said.

Charlene also offered insights into her mother’s influence, describing her as strict yet nurturing, instilling discipline and values within the family unit.