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Milly Chebby: Terence and I have never followed each other

Popular content creator Milly Chebby has taken a stand against the swirling rumours surrounding her marriage to Terence Creative, particularly the speculation sparked by their alleged “unfollowing” of each other on Instagram.

In an interview with vloggers, Chebby clarified that she and her husband have never followed each other on social media, explaining that their close relationship and constant togetherness render such online gestures unnecessary.

“One, Terence and I have never followed each other. Why should we follow each other and we are always together?” she said.

She dismissed the rumors as baseless, saying the timing of the speculation coincided with a busy period in both of their lives.

“I was so shocked because it happened when Terence was quite busy. He was doing his things; I was doing my own things. I remember my sister was moving, so I was helping my sister move. So I could not have carried Terence to go help my sister move,” she said.

Chebby accused a former friend of spreading the rumours. While some speculated about the identity of this supposed “frenemy,” Chebby fell short of naming the person.

Terence attempted to add context to the situation by suggesting that someone was attempting to manipulate the narrative, but Chebby interrupted him, saying it was their “frenemy” who was responsible.

“Do not say someone. Our frenemy. And it’s so sad. It came from a page that I have supported for so many years. It’s a page I have believed in. It’s a page that I was there when its birth or idea happened. It came from a page that was so dear to me in 2023. But you know what, sometimes silence is power,” she said.

The relationship dynamics between Chebby and Jackie Matubia also came into focus, with Chebby recalling a reconciliation between them in December 2023 during a radio show hosted by Massawe Japanni.

While Chebby said she missed her friend, Matubia declined to reciprocate the sentiment, hinting at underlying tensions.

The rumours gained traction when Matubia missed Chebby’s ruracio (traditional engagement ceremony), further fueling speculation about their relationship status.