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City cops detain Steve Mbogo’s Range Rover found with Probox number plates

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Friday impounded a Range Rover belonging to flamboyant city politician Steve Mbogo.

DCI said the vehicle had number plates which were fraudulently obtained. According to records, the number plates are assigned to a Toyota Probox car.

Detectives also said the politician had not paid duty for the Range Rover.

“Detectives have today (Friday) afternoon recovered a Range Rover from Mr Steve Mbogo for the offence of evading duty and fraudulently obtaining number plates. Upon carrying out preliminary investigations, the vehicle number plates were found to belong to a probox.”

DCI also shared a picture of the luxury car with registration number KCL 830A.

Last month, a luxury car belonging to the wife of a city MP was impounded for evading payment of duty. The Mercedes Benz GLA 200 was seized for tax evasion in what DCI said was part of an organized scam.