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City Hall deploys 300 breakdown vehicles to tackle parking fee cheats

City Hall has stepped up the fight against parking fee defaulters after increasing the number of breakdown vehicles to 300.

Motorists whose vehicles are towed will have to part with a minimum Sh7,300 to have their cars released from the county government’s clutches.

“Three hundred breakdowns have been deployed in the city to tow away parking violators,” City Hall said in a statement, without giving data on the current breakdown fleet.

The operation targets motorists in the central business district, Parklands, Westlands, Industrial Area, Ngong Road, Buru Buru shopping centre, Upper Hill and Kilimani.

“These areas have been identified as hotspots for resistance by motorists to payment of parking fees,” City Hall said.

Finance executive Gregory Mwakanongo said those whose vehicles are towed would part with a Sh2,000 fine and the daily rate of Sh300.

Additionally, they would also pay a towing fee pegged on the distance covered, but set at a minimum of Sh5,000.

These punitive charges are meant to improve revenue collection from parking, whose performance he said ranges between 40 and 60 per cent due to a high default rate.

“Currently, collection for on-street parking ranges from Sh1.7 million to Sh2.5 million on a good day.

“At 100 per cent collection we would be getting upwards of Sh3 million,” he said.

SOURCE: Business Daily