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City motorists fight new parking fees

Motorists opposed to the new parking fees had their vehicles clumped to their dismay.

County Government officers had a hard time convincing motorists that the Sh300 they were charging was in deed genuine.

“Some motorists think we have printed fake receipts to exploit them as they claim they never got notice on the increase,” said a worker who asked not to be named.

The more than 100 per cent increase was contained in a September, 2013 County Gazette alongside other adjustments in service charge and taxes for residents.

Before Wednesday, motorists were paying Sh140 to park in the city centre.

They however said the notice should have been carried on local media outlets which are accessible by most residents.

Despite the complaints by motorists, the county government vowed to press on with the implementation of the charges.  Governor Evans Kidero reiterated that the new parking rates were not only legal but would also stay.

“The new rates will transform service delivery for the better and help decongest the city,” he said during a meeting with Joseph Kaguthi, chairman of the Committee on Nyumba Kumi.

But motorists said they did  not see how the new rates would improve service delivery. Others said it was just a way of fleecing them.

“The Sh140 they were collecting  did not give us better and safer parking spaces,” said Janet Wachira. She urged the county to lease out the parking fee collection service to a private company to stem corruption.

In their usual style, Nairobians took to social media to express their frustrations.