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City mum’s nightmare after finding her toddler dead at school – VIDEO

A Nairobi mother is crying for justice after her only child died mysteriously at school.

Rosemary Wambui found her three and a half year old daughter lying with her face down on a mattress in the sleeping room when she went to pick her up at PCEA Riruta Academy.

“When I went to her classroom I found her desk empty and asked the teacher where Brilliant was. She told me my daughter had overslept during the afternoon nap.

“I went to the room where they sleep and found her lying on the mattress facing down and hands on the sides looking dark and lifeless,” Ms Wambui told Nairobi News during a phone interview.

She called her husband and together they rushedtheir daughter to Melchizedek Hospital.


“When we got to the hospital the doctors said Brilliant had already passed away and they referred us to Riruta police station where we reported the death,” said Ms Wambui.

The mother of one suspects foul play in the way the school handled Baby Brilliant, whom she says was in a good mood in the morning while having breakfast with the father before school.

“Her snacks that I packed along with some milk were intact inside the school bag that I found at her desk. I don’t understand how the teacher claims she had lunch then slept when she did not even have her snacks,” she explained.

Ms Wambui now awaits postmortem results that will shed light into the cause of her daughter’s death but she intends to sue the school.


“I suspect something happened at the school because even after I found the body of my daughter the teacher did not look surprised and when I asked the headmistress she left the compound without saying anything and has not come back nor spoken to us yet they have our numbers.

“When we tried calling the number indicated in one of the school slips we were told that was not the school number,” Ms Wambui told Nairobi News.