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City twin brothers marry twin sisters

It was simply a unique wedding ceremony when two sets of twins got married in Nairobi on Sunday.

And the icing on the cake was when another set of six twins came in to witness as identical twin brothers William Wambua Kavoi and Zacchaeus Katuti Kavoi, said ‘I do’ to twin sisters Linet Mbatha Kimetu and Maureen Ndunge Kimetu.

In a ceremony which attracted over 400 people, the couples said they had fulfilled their childhood dreams of marrying an identical pair.

“This is a prayer answered because when we were growing up, my brother and I always fantasized marrying twin sisters. It has happened and we are very happy,” said William.

Similar sentiments were echoed by his new wife Maureen who said she and her sister Linet has actually vowed never to be separated by anything, only death.


“Ours was a solemn vow that we will marry twin brothers so that our bond is not broken,” she added shyly.

The twin wedding ceremony at Evangelical Gospel Church within Church Army along Jogoo Road, Nairobi was presided over by Bishop H. M Katunga.

Most of those in attendance could not hide their joy as well as surprise as the twin brothers and twin sisters took made vows to each other.

Members of The Identical Family who attended the wedding of two sets of twins Zachaeus Kavoi and Linnet Kimetu, and William Kavoi with Maurine Kimetu
Members of The Identical Family who attended the wedding of two sets of twins Zachaeus Kavoi and Linnet Kimetu, and William Kavoi with Maurine Kimetu

The sight of other sets of six twins who came to witness the event added to the buzz in the air.

With their smart phones, Ipads and mini cameras, a large number of congregation scrambled to get the best shots of the two couples.

Local journalists also fought to secure interview or a photo session with the couples.

The two sets of twins were first featured by the Nation’s Living Magazine on November 27, where they revealed their wedding plans.


The bridal team with their petite purple dresses for the maids and white shirts and black trousers for the groomsmen danced themselves lame as they ushered in the first bride, Linet. Maureen followed shortly walking gently to soft music.

The grooms together with their best men were waiting for their wives to-be, seated pensively inside a white tent decorated in white and purple balloons and ribbons. Zaccheus sat on the left and William on the right.

Bishop Katunga had to make a decision on which couple to take through the vows first. He settled on Zacchaeus, the first of the Kavoi pair who made his lifetime commitment to Linet, also the first borne of the Kimetu’s family.

“This is the most unique wedding ceremony I have ever officiated and we thank God for this,” Bishop Katunga said during the event.

The couples after taking their marriage vows.
The couples after taking their marriage vows.

Soon after the vows, the pairs sat down for entertainment by four sets of twins who left the crowd awed by the similarity in their voices, attire and mannerism leaving every one agape.

During their past interview with Living Magazine, the sets of twins said they met at a playground in Machakos town and fell in love at first sight.

The Kavoi brothers work in a horticultural export company, while Maureen and Linet are business women. They sell clothes and are also hair dressers.


Zaccheus, 25, said they started planning the wedding in January this year.

“We are very excited today that our journey of love has culminated into this wedding ceremony,” Zaccheus said. “We met in 2011 and continued courting until this year when we decided to settle down,” he added.

“When we told our parents about our plans, they summoned us thinking we were joking. However, we explained everything to them leading this ceremony.”

But they were categorical that they would not share the same honey moon venues, each couple saying they had different plans.

“When we met and decided to tell our parents that we had gotten suitors who were twins, they thought we were joking and they could not hear of the two of us getting married to the same family,” explained Linet, 23.

She said they took time to explain to their parents and they finally conceded and allowed the plans to go ahead.

Maureen added that it took time to convince their parents to allow them get married to twin brothers.

“Some of our friends thought we were joking and some of them were also telling us it is wrong for sisters to get married in the same family,” she added.