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Comedian Flaqo’s ex girlfriend opens up about regretful break up

Anne Tracey, the former girlfriend of the renowned comedian Flaqo, has recently poured her heart out about the deep-seated regrets she harbors concerning their past relationship.

Taking to her social media, Tracey shared a nostalgic stroll down memory lane by posting old photographs capturing cherished moments from their shared history, igniting a whirlwind of conversations among their fans and followers.

Their love story had an unconventional start, as Tracey revealed she first encountered Flaqo on Facebook back in 2016. What began as an online connection soon blossomed into a profound and passionate relationship. As their bond deepened, Tracey made a life-altering decision to relocate to Kisumu, where Flaqo was still a college student.

“We got to know each other on Facebook and embarked on an online dating journey. I took the leap to live with him in Kisumu, where he was pursuing his education, and we spent a significant period of time together,” reminisced Tracey in a previous interview.

However, as is often the case with long-distance relationships, geographical separation began to cast its shadow over their romance when Tracey had to return to Nairobi to continue her studies. It was during this period that Flaqo had yet to achieve the fame and recognition he now enjoys as a content creator.

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Clarifying her recent decision to share old photographs, Tracey vehemently stated that her intention was entirely innocent, akin to any ordinary internet user fondly sharing throwback pictures. She expressed her astonishment at the exaggerated reactions her posts had triggered.

“I was simply posting these memories innocently as throwbacks, but people interpreted it as if I was trying to tarnish a relationship or something. I was scrolling through my Facebook photos and stumbled upon these, so I thought, why not share them?” she explained.

In contrast to the rumors that had circulated, Tracey vehemently denied harboring any bitterness towards Flaqo. She underlined that they remain friends and maintain an ongoing connection.

Despite the break-up and her genuine contentment for Flaqo’s astounding success, Tracey confessed to carrying a heavy burden of regret. She wishes she had clung onto their relationship, believing that it could have paved the way for a different and possibly more prosperous life for her.

“I do have regrets. I wish I had stayed; perhaps today I would find myself in Dubai. But I am genuinely thrilled for him,” she confessed.

In a heartwarming revelation, the mother of one also disclosed that Flaqo has been an instrumental figure in her child’s upbringing, despite not being the biological father. She emphasized that Flaqo’s involvement is rooted solely in their friendship and a deep sense of responsibility.

Meanwhile, in the realm of Flaqo’s current romantic life, he has been in a three-year relationship with fellow content creator Keranta. Their enduring bond continues to thrive, painting a picture of enduring love and companionship.

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