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Congolese singer JB Mpiana, Samidoh to headline Raha Fest

By Sinda Matiko January 21st, 2024 1 min read

For the first edition of the two-day Raha Fest, set to be headlined by Congolese Lingala singer JB Mpiana, tickets will go for Sh30,000 for VVIP, Sh12,000 VIP, and Sh6,000 regular.

Slated for March 30 and 31, 2024, at Uhuru Gardens Nairobi, the organisers describe the event as a dynamic festival that aims to celebrate the diversity and richness of African music, art, and culture.

JB Mpiana, 56, is among the most popular Congolese musicians, having started out at the Wenge Musica troupe before finding his way.

He is known for hits such as Ndombolo, Kipe ya yo, Zebuka and Mpunda.

“The reasoning behind the ticketing is that we aim to offer experience to the masses. A VVIP ticket will grant the holder access to exclusive parties. That is to say, we will have invite-only parties before the main event. The VVIP ticket will also give you access to the two-day extravaganza,” Tunde Daniel of the Addiktiv Limited and one of the organizers told Showbuzz.

At the venue, there will be additional packs for the VVIP ticket holders.

“Besides the exclusive parties we are working on VVIP experience at the venue. There will be a Meet and Greet and an all white brunch during the Easter weekend,” Tunde adds.

The carnival’s lineup will also feature a unique blend of local talents in the frames of Mugithi sensation Samidoh, Nadia Mukami, Hart the band, Nviiri the Storyteller, Femi One, and Otile Brown with more International acts to be unveiled later on as the days’ progress.

Tickets are currently available at Ticket Sasa and Ticket Yetu.

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