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Content Creator Elodie ‘dumped by boyfriend and parents’

By Rajab Zawadi January 20th, 2024 2 min read

Trouble comes in pairs.

That’s how social media influencer Elodie Zone would probably best summarize her life happenings in recent times.

From being dumped by her boyfriend, to being cut off by her family and losing her job, it can’t get any worse for Elodie who broke into the limelight courtesy of her love relationship with former president Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew.

The 28 year old says she has begun the new year on a rather bad footing with a break up.

“I’m starting 2024 with a pretty unique situation. My boyfriend broke up with me because I didn’t want to sleep with him. The apartment building that I’m living in is throwing me out because I have a dog and there is now a no-pets rule,” she vents.

The situation only gets worse with claims of her family cancelling her.

“My family members stopped talking to me last year because I didn’t go on a family trip and the reason I didn’t go was because of a previous verbal, mental and emotional abuse now I’ve been completely isolated. Mind you I’m the only child,” she adds.

But it doesn’t end there for the lass who after Sean Andrew, moved on to date Sol Generations singer Nviiri The Story Teller for a year.

“I lost my job and don’t have an income stream. There is a lot. I no longer have a friend group because my old one was just full of people who drank too much alcohol and I wasn’t for it. So I have no friends,” she adds.

For Elodie since coming into the limelight, there has always been a scandal of some sort.

When she broke up with Sean in 2016, he accused Elodie of being toxic and a drug abuser. Elodie would also accuse Sean of being toxic.

In 2021, when her relationship with Nviiri ended Elodie went on a rant again accusing the singer of physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse.

The singer chose not to react but issue a statement only confirming that the two we no longer together.

Months later she would reveal that she was battling depression following her break up with Nviiri saying “I recently lost someone close to me and it’s shattered me…”

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