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Controversial Kenya Kwanza blogger Maverick Aoko ‘quits’ politics

By Winnie Mabel September 18th, 2023 3 min read

Maverick Aoko, a journalist turned Kenya Kwanza allied blogger has sworn to end her dalliance with Kenyan politics.

In a lengthy statement she issued on September 18, 2023, Ms Aoko also said she will be taking a break from Nairobi City to get a breathe of fresh air from all her politically linked woes.

“Mimi na siasa, kaput! (Me and politics, we are done!) And this is my conclusive tweet over the matter. Sitawai ongelea tena (I will never speak on this again). It will also be my hail Mary tweet in a while b’coz  I’m leaving X and Nairobi for a stretch. Nikirudi, tuongee mambo mengine (When I return, let’s talk about other things),” began Ms Aoko.

She also revealed that she was stuck completing her Political Science Degree at the University of Nairobi and would clear it when she can as she is already in fourth year. In previous rants, she claimed the Kenya Kwanza government had promised to educate her and then give her a government job. She later revealed that Kenya Kwanza allies dumped her and would no longer communicate with her. She now has plans to undertake studies in either climate change or animal husbandry “and focus on being the next Grace Ogot or Chimamanda of Kenya.” Aoko said.

She went on to brand politicians liars and selfish for only caring about their personal interests involving relevance and power while jobless people like her were lied to “like ping pong.”

“Some of us who were jobless and were lied to as if it is ping pong, why wouldn’t it affect our mental health? If they hadn’t pledged, you’d understand. Someone in State House giving you spurious promises. That ‘I was tasked to take care of you’. Then later tells you, si ni ule mtu wenyu pale interior ameleta mchezo (it is that man at the Interior who is bringing drama). Kwanza ukiskia, “Mtu wenyu” (especially when you here ‘someone from your tribe), it hurts 50 times more these Kaleoz!” added Ms Aoko.

In the instance of Senator Mandago and the Finland university saga, she claimed he is among people with glaciers for hearts and devilish greed for stealing from the poor.

“And do you know those made in Kenya vehicles you are buying are being manufactured by who? Those Christians we voted for. They even have deals with alcohol companies like Diageo. They stopped crying in church, their true hues abound now! They will one day sell Kenya. From 2032, don’t allow these incompetent, tribal bigots anywhere near power. Next election, they will still rig and we will persevere for another 10 years.

As she wound up her statement, Ms Aoko said she will return to the political scene once the Kenya Kwanza government is out of State House and until then, she will not vote for anyone except Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

“He is a  special case. The rest, we will sign a contract first. Even if you are Jesus of Nazareth, politics is not for people who can actually engage their cerebral faculties. Very few people who have functioning heads make it in politics. Look at your Parliament, 87% either can’t spell their names or are malignant acolytes. Those outside the August halls are either incorrigible liars, conmen, rapacious, vapid or ignoble folks with zilch conscience. Perhaps, they’re a reflection of us…  See you when you see me,” concluded Ms Aoko.

Ms Aoko especially ruffled feathers when she fell out with the opposition Orange Democratic Movement party where she served as a communications officer- social media. She explosively claimed to have been sexually misused by a handful of married politicians in the party and went ahead to detail some of their alleged escapades.

As she garnered national attention with her online rants, she began singing loyalty to President William Ruto and how she would die for him because she believed in his leadership. Months later, she would fall out with Kenya Kwanza allies whom she claimed now viewed her as a liability and were no longer keeping their promises to her.

In the ensuing months, Ms Aoko would reveal she attempted suicide due to loneliness and depression and on the first attempt, her house manager found her and saved her life. She claimed to have asked for help online but all she received was insults and the idea of attempting another suicide came to her.

However, she would later reveal she was taking a break from social media to heal and reflect, and come back a better person after her controversial and vulgar posts became what she was known for. She also revealed that a senior Kenyan politician saw her cry for help and offered to help her get back on her feet.

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