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‘Cooking for my husband’ Sueh excites fans with goat head recipe for her hubby

TikToker Sueh Owino has once again stirred up debate online after she posted herself cooking goat head for her husband.

The TikToker, who is known for her ‘cooking for my husband’ videos captioned the video, “Have a sit pretty doll, the day you will cook your husband goat head, is the day you will realise there are levels in this craft.”

Here are some of the reactions from her fans:

“My husband and I need to get a wife,” wrote Gloria Peter.

“Alaa some duties should be done by the man especially the head should be chopped and grilled by the husband,” said Barnice Chege.

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“For this one, I’d rather let my husband visit you and have the meal,” wrote Solita Sweery.

“I can’t compete with you. I can give you my husband because I know I can’t do this for real,” said Jasmine.

“Please open a butcher for soup and mutura. I will be the first client,” wrote Waruguru Gitau.

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Sueh’s cooking skills have also attracted Kenyan celebrities who imitate and praise her works. Recently, Njugush posted a hilarious video imitating her.

Last month, Akothee’s sister Cebbie Koks praised Sueh for keeping up with cooking for her man.

“In the spirit of my husband by Sue Owino I tried. My husband’s morning, lunch, and evening. On day two nilianguka punglu! Wachana na hii mambo ya content creators mtu anaweza kuf dead mbaya sana. I am okay with the basics! Kila mtu akae tu ville anataka. Big up to that woman. Her content is clean and beautiful,” Cebbie wrote.

Controversial Andrew Kibe, while in support of Sueh, called out women who were throwing shade at her for her ‘cooking for my husband’ videos.

In the same measure, some women view her as a source of encouragement and hope in this generation.