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Cops pursue thugs caught on CCTV stealing Sh450K alcohol in South B

Police in Nairobi are pursuing two thugs who broke into a wines and spirit shop last week and made away with alcohol worth Sh450,000.

In CCTV footage that has been released to the public, one of the robbers is seen ransacking shelves as he hands over their loot to his accomplice who is standing on the other side of the counter.

The face of the thug who is inside the outlet is well captured while the other one is not.

Lydia Mwania, who works at the outlet known as Rootz Wines and Spirits, said that the matter was reported at South B police station and recorded under OB number 15/12/08/2020.

“They broke into the outlet which is located within Plainview Estate in South B at around three in the morning and stole various alcoholic drinks as well as beer cans worth Sh450,000,” she said, adding that they also made away with a Sony Xperia phone worth Sh40,000.

The footage shows one of the thugs opening a drawer in the outlet and pocketing the phone.

Meanwhile, police in Kisumu Ndogo, Korogocho are looking for a knife-wielding gang that stabbed a civilian to death.

The man, who is yet to be identified, was rushed to Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital where he died.

Exclusive images seen by Nairobi News show the man lying in a pool of blood on a hospital bed.