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County administrator nursing injuries after being clobbered by police officers

Deputy County Commissioner of Njiru Sub county in Nairobi is nursing serious injuries after he was assaulted by seven Administration police officers on Saturday night.

Mr Joseph Mwangi Wamute was in the accompany of his wife and son when the incident happened.

According to police reports, the family was heading home when they met the seven officers who were on patrol.


Mr Wamute claims his son, Brandon Mwangi Ngigi, was accosted and beaten on allegations that he was obstructing them while offloading murram on a feeder that was leading to the family’s village.

When the Wamute attempted to rescue of his son, he says, the officers descended on him and gave him a serious beating that left him with an injured nose and right leg.


He further alleges that he identified himself by producing his identification card but the officers went ahead to assault him.

Mr Wamute, his wife Charity Mukue Wamute and their son were then arrested and taken to Githunguri Police Station where they were booked with the offence of Affray.

It was only when Mr Wamute met the OCS that he was released and allowed to go for treatment.

Officers are currently investigating the incident which was reported at the station on Saturday night.