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Why man in the viral flogging video won’t press charges

The young man who was filmed being mercilessly whipped by four men has presented himself to the Directorate of Criminal investigations.

But in a strange twist of events, it has emerged that the victim, 26-year-old Benson Merian Pasile, is not keen on pressing charges against his assailants, two of whom are already in police custody.

This is according to a source who spoke to Nairobi News, after the victim presented himself to the authorities.


According to the source, the victim has revealed that the men who viciously assaulted him are his father and uncles.

Apparently, the four men were meting out ruthless punishment on him for his “unbecoming behavior”.


In the undated video which went viral on Sunday, the victim is seen screaming and pleading for forgiveness as the four men ruthlessly flog him.

The hapless victim, whose hands and legs were tied, is seen writhing and rolling himself on the ground as the flogging continues.

Following the chilling incident, the police arrested two of the suspects, who has been identified as Joseph Pasile Mulata – who is the victim’s father – and John Mereru Mulata.