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Cyril Ramaphosa loses Sh469 million at home, South Africans react

South Africans on social media have their say on the reported theft of Sh469 million at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s home.

Media reports indicate the money, believed to be proceeds from his ranching activities, was stolen from the Head of State’s home in 2020.

Further reports state the suspects, believed to be the President’s domestic workers, were trailed to a neighboring country, arrested, brought back home, and tortured into silence.

These developments have forced Arthur Fraser, former spy chief, and Prisons boss, to institute legal proceedings against Ramaphosa for a raft of allegations including money laundering.

South Africans have, meanwhile, suggested that nothing much might come off the investigation.

Another user lamented over the dwindling South African economy.

Another one complained that everything was pricy while salaries were still low.

Another user asked when Ramaphosa would finish rebuilding the economy.

Another one asked what happened to the saying that no one was above the law.