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Daddy Marto’s wife recounts how she self-delivered her baby in the car

Kenyan content-creating couple Daddie Marto and his wife Christine Kokueendera were over a month ago blessed with their third child, a boy they named Richard Koa.

Speaking about their labor journey, the couple took the interesting conversation to their YouTube channel MaNaPaTau, where Christine shared her proud moment of delivering their newborn son. 

The proud mother recounted the dramatic events that unfolded as she bravely embarked on the unexpected journey of child delivery.

Christine’s remarkable narrative began with the initial signs of labour, where she felt light contractions slowly making their way to her back.

“I started feeling light contractions going all the way to my back. With every progressive contraction, they were getting stronger, and that’s when I told Marto how I was feeling,” Christine recounted. 

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As the contractions intensified, Christine realized the need to head to the hospital, but fate had different plans for the couple. Daddie Marto, while shooting content, received a call from his wife, signaling the urgency of the situation. 

“At the time nilikuwa shoot waiting for the location to be confirmed. Just when we started shooting I was called and I knew by the way things sounded I needed to be at the hospital. After a short while, Christine sent me a photo looking like she was in a lot of pain, and I couldn’t even focus on the shoot. My mind wasn’t there at all,” he recalled. 

“Just when the contractions worsened, Njeri and I decided to just go to the hospital. We had driven some distance when we remembered we had forgotten the hospital papers. So we had to go back, but by then the pain had gotten unbearable. What I didn’t know is that I was in the last stage of labour,” Christine said. 

The unforeseen events took a dramatic turn when they encountered heavy traffic on their way to the hospital. Trapped in the congestion, Christine’s instincts and strength kicked in, and she took matters into her own hands. With unwavering determination, she delivered her baby inside the car with nothing but a Maasai shuka wrapped around her waist.

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“The pain was too much that I had gone on my fours, and any woman who has had a baby knows that that position is meant to engage the head of the baby. I knew the baby was coming. I got the Maasai shuka that was in the car and put it on my waist. I just lay there after engaging the baby ready for anything,” Christine said. 

“We got to NYS, but there was a lot of traffic. Njeri was talking to Marto telling him how things were and he told her to tell me to hold the baby in, and I was just shouting telling him that I couldn’t. We tried stopping ambulances that were passing us but they didn’t stop,” said the mother of three. 

The car windows were not tinted, but Christine was unbothered as she focused on her son’s imminent arrival. In an awe-inspiring display of strength, she pushed with all her might, and within 10 seconds, Baby Richard Koa entered the world. Although the umbilical cord was loosely around his neck, he cried as he was placed upon his mother’s chest.

“When we got to the traffic on Muthaiga, that’s where everything went down. I removed my dress, I was completely naked, and the car was not tinted, but I did not care. I knew it was time. I pushed and when Njeri looked back at me she just saw me pull out the baby and I immediately put him on my chest,” she said. 

“I pushed in 10 seconds and he was out. The cord was still around his neck but it wasn’t so tight. He started crying when I placed him on my chest. I was so proud of myself because these are stories you just see in movies. I was able to stay strong and calm enough to birth my own baby,” she proudly stated. 

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