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Daddy Owen advised to ‘move on’ after love heartbreak

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has been advised to move on from the heartbreak that followed the separation from his former wife.

Daddy Owen, real name Owen Mwaita, recently went separate with his better half Farida Wambu, in a move he says left him heartbroken.

And now, vocal lawmaker Silvanus Osoro has opened up on the challenges the Tobina hitmaker has been facing.

“I can’t believe this is Owen. In December, he came to my office, and I felt so bad. I had a bigger problem than him, but I had to shed a tear; his life wasn’t looking very okay,” said Osoro, during the grand album launch party for Owen’s 6th album, Chapter 4.

“It has been around ten months, and I have seen a transformation in him. I had to distract him. I took him to the constituency, gave him a road to build,” the lawmaker added.

“I see he is back on track, and I am very happy today. Owen, don’t keep us too long now. Kuna warembo wengi sana hapa. We have already accepted what transpired, but it is time to pick one,” he added.

Owen and Farida tied the knot in 2016 and were blessed with two children.

Only for her to reportedly move out of her matrimonial home with reports she has already found love.