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Juliani advice to Boniface Mwangi on Lillian Nganga photos

Rapper Juliani appears to have taken offence with the move by his friend Boniface Mwangi to post photos involving him and his lover Lillian Nganga.

In a tweet that he later deleted, Juliani, born Julius Owino, told Mwangi, a controversial activist, that he should henceforth seek consent before sharing photos of his personal life.

But the Exponential Potential hitmaker was quick to clarify that he knows Mwangi ‘means well’.

“You know I love you. I know you mean well, but it will be better if you told me before posting the pictures. Bless up,” explained Juliani.

Mwangi, who doubles up as a photojournalist, has shared photos of Juliani and Nganga holding each other.

In the caption, Mwangi explained he intended to offend men who treat their partners as possessions.

According to Mwangi, people, unlike assets, have feelings and can quickly move on when mistreated.

In the post, the activist further stated that having money does not make a man, but manners do.