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Daring fraudster arrested in court while attempting to defraud suspect’s kin

A daring fraud suspect arrested inside the Makadara Law Courts where he was about to con a woman of Sh50, 000 while pretending he was facilitating the release of her brother from remand has been charged.

Vincent Khaimba was charged with obtaining money by false pretenses contrary to section 313 of the Penal Code after allegedly defrauding Agnes Ngina of Sh5000 on October 23.

Khaimba is accused of defrauding Ngina while falsely pretending he could facilitate the release of her brother Josephat Muli who is in Nairobi Area Remand Prison after he was charged with theft in Criminal case – E159/2023.

The suspect told the complainant that the money was for facilitating a production order for Muli to be brought to the court from the remand before he could be released after review of his bail and bond terms.

Khaimba was also charged with an attempt to commit a misdemeanor contrary to section 389 of the Penal Code where he was accused of attempting to defraud Ngina of the Sh50,000 on October 25 at the court before he was arrested.

The suspect was arrested in the court where he had told Ngina to bring him the Sh50, 000 to bribe a magistrate who was to release Muli.

Khaimba had allegedly told Ngina that “the magistrate” had requested for bribe to release Muli and the suspect told the complainant to give him the cash which he was to take to the magistrate to facilitate the release.

Khaimba had allegedly told Ngina that he was in a meeting with the magistrate presiding over Muli’s trial.

However, the magistrate Khaimba was claiming to be meeting inside the court and has been away on leave for nearly two weeks.

Muli had called Khaimba from the remand and sought his help to get out of the remand. He linked him with his sister – Ngina and the two started communication.

Khaimba allegedly told her to send him the Sh5000 which she sent and later allegedly demanded the Sh50, 000.

On October 25, he told Ngina to meet him at the court where he was claiming to be meeting the magistrate but Ngina went to the magistrate’s courtroom where she was informed that the magistrate was on leave.

Ngina informed the police officers who laid ambush and arrested Khaimba as he arrived to collect the Sh50, 000 and handed him over to officers at the Shaurimoyo police station where he was held pending investigations.

Khaimba denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Erick Mutunga and pleaded for lenient bail and bond terms through lawyer Cyril Njagi.

Njagi told the court that Khaimba is a veterinary officer in Vihinga County.

Mutunga granted the suspect a bond of Sh300,000 without an option of a cash bail.

The case will be mentioned on February 13, 2024 before the hearing starts on May 7, 2024.

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