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This is what dating a lawyer feels like

Women in Nairobi have narrated their experienced dating and being married to lawyers and its not all good.

Most of the women described lawyers as partners who never want to lose any argument just like they are used to doing in their line of work.

Other women described them as chief investigators in relationships narrating how they always suspect their partners.

Women lawyers in the group wondered if the reasons given could explain some of the comments their partners and friends make on how hard it is to live with them.

Here are some of the experiences given on dating or being married to a lawyers.


“They are master liars and twist each word u say, you can never win with them,” wrote one woman.

“Hahaha kumbe siko pekee yangu, mine ata yaani hadi huwa namwambia akona split personality disorder kuna saa ako friendly na kuna saa weeee thitima analeta law kwa nyumba. So unpredictable 3yrs down the line na bado simjui,” added another.

“Please tell me if those men can apologize wakikosea? Huyu nikaa he was told the day he’ll apologize he’ll die… he’ll take u rounds or play the victim… I would love to experience a man crying for forgiveness from me as I hear other women confessing,” wrote another woman.

“I tried dating one… anything you say is always used against you like it’s some sort of a court defence session… pthoooo,” exclaimed another.

“Aki unakaa tu suspect especially if told to repeat what you said jua tu ameona point then you try to change your story you are to give reasons why u have changed the wording,” another one added.


“And the next thing am told, ‘your approach is wrong’ Ngaiiiiii. Sikufunzwa maneno ya approach mimi… Asi,” another added.

“Pwahahahahha lawyers ni very strict sana, hakuna kitu unaweza fanya na wasijue. Mimi nilishindwo. FBI pia,” wrote another woman.

“I guess those married to lawyers need volumes of evidence kuliko zile za NASA na kizungu ya Lumumba before u start an argument… according to these comments,” wrote another.

“I now understand why my husband’s friends are always asking him how he’s survived in this institution with this woman!!!!’ We are human too, you know – just let us be n we all live peacefully,” wrote a female lawyer.